Atelier Craft reinterprets a batch of 501® jeans from 1873  @atelier.craft

In June 2023 at the Galerie Au Roi, in honour of the 150th anniversary of the 501®, the Levi's® Lot No. 1 service invites Atelier CRAFT to reinterpret a batch of 501® jeans from 1873.

Atelier CRAFT has come up with a pair of jeans that can be worn by every member of the team at every stage of their day: in the workshop, at meetings, during assembly or on a building site.  This association is a reference to the first jeans in the 501® line, the 1873 model initially designed for American workers, miners and gold miners (link).

This exhibition has transformed our venue into a truly immersive space of discovery. All the modular structures designed by Atelier Craft were assembled and dismantled in a single day, without drilling into any walls!

About Atelier Craft

Located in Aubervilliers, in a converted former car garage, atelier CRAFT has a creative practice based around art, design and architecture. As part of an eco-responsible approach, CRAFT pays particular attention to the materials used, their cycle and their re-use. 

CRAFT_LEVIS_190623_026.jpg CRAFT_LEVIS_190623_029.jpg CRAFT_LEVIS_190623_040.jpg CRAFT_LEVIS_190623_034.jpg