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Acacias Parking

An atypical and surprising venue

A multi level parking garage in the heart of Paris

Parking Acacias in detail

This parking garage is composed of 2 levels :

• A first level of 1100 m2
• And a second level measuring 1080 m2

As well as a 120 m2 access ramp.

An ideal space for  filming, photo shoots or fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week.

The surface area of over 2,000 m2 can be used to create ephemeral events such as an immersive experiences, showroom, concerts or a club event.

Available until February 2025

Combined with the Galerie Au Roi, the Loft increases your floor space !



Located just above the Galerie Au Roi, this showroom is easily accessible by staircase or freight elevator. It can be rented for private or professional events.

With a total surface area of around 450 m2 and a capacity of almost 350 people, you can rent these two atypical spaces with different atmospheres: a gallery on the first floor, and a magnificent, bright "New York-style" plateau on the second floor. It's the ideal combination for organizing trade shows or showrooms with dozens of exhibitors, setting up an ephemeral bar and buffet area, or installing a control room or dressing rooms for filming or TV shoots.

In addition to the Loft, two other areas can be privatized: the atelier (130 m2) and the Quartier Général (475 m2). contact us to find out more.

La Galerie Au Roi

Au Roi is a unique venue with a total surface area of 255m2 (2745 sqft) located in the 11th district of Paris (Metro: Goncourt / Parmentier) with a capacity of 190 people. Au Roi is an ideal space for fashion week, brand events, showrooms, fashion shows, filming or photo shoots.

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